Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The voice of a character

I was wondering... 

How many of you hear your character with an accent and all when you picture them? I noticed that I do when I write in English, but not when I write in Swedish. Maybe because there is such a diversity of accents in the English language. Swedish - well we have some, but it's not really the same.

I noticed this, because I've been writing in Englsh all summer - still reading and writing in English just t practice the language. The main character I've been writing about has a British accent, sounds a bit like a thespian playing Hamlet. He's a drunkard, has several children in every port and can't talk about anything without finding a double entendre. I've had lots of fun, laughing hysterically to the voice I hear him speak with inside my head.

And he falls in love. Of course he does. With a tall, blond, muscular health freak who's sent to kill him. Yeah, she's an assassin. She's also a werewolf, talks with that adorable Savannah-accent, but is a bit too forward to be comfortable to be around. The thing is, she is bruatlly honest all the time, but everything she ways is said with that adorable voice, which makes her murders utterly amusing to write about.

The big thing about this is, that you use words that fit better with that accent you've chosen, which gives the character even more personality.

And then I come back to Swedish, and every male character sounds like my husband, every female character sounds like me, and there's no diversity at all. The voices aren't as amusing to write about. I'll ether have to find some accents that fit the characters quickly, or I'll have to think in English while writing in Swedish.

Man, I wish I had all your accents in Swedish too.

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