Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sentimental value

I've been having the most fun ever - and I never thought it would be, which is why it hasn't been done until now.

I'm cleaning up.

Not at home, even though I should; no, far more interesting. I'm collecting everything I've ever written from the fantasy world I've built. It's a lot, I've been obsessed with this place since I was fourteen, so all the really crappy stories, the very limited conlangs I made in high school during my Latin classes, all those old characters (some of them are still the same, believe it or not) and the strange backstories; they are all about to find their way into the pile of research in my Scrivener file. Not all of it, but some of it can actually be of use.

What made me really sentimental was the old map I had drawn, where some of the place names saw daylight for the first time. I still have a Cliff of No Return just for the shits and giggles, a vast backstory to that name, but the Doomed Forest isn't around anymore. There are some historical places added to that map, and I remembered how much fun it was to come up with both the names and the backstories to these little spots on the map. An old bridge over a waterefall which seperated two countries at war, for example. Two ancient kings met on this bridge to sign a peace treaty.

Then I found something that I hadn't thought of at all. 
A calendar. I made a calendar some time during high school, made up important holidays in different cultures and countries. Why this find was such a surprise to me was that I totally had forgotten about it. I still use the same names on months and deities, but the holidays? I had forgotten about those. Of course I had to fix that right away. 

So, cleaning up. 
Couldn't get rid of the old maps, but lots of other papers just lying around. Filled a grocery bag with discarded papers, post-its and so on, and there's still a lot to go through. 

Found my old journals too, and they are really in bad shape. I had them with me everywhere. Full of scribbles, illustrations, ideas for stories and short dialogues between characters. My head was as strange back then as it is now...

So, sentimental value - yes. That's probably all it is, the only reason why I've saved these things for such a long time. Some of it for almost twenty years. This time I'll save the little nuggets of gold, and in another ten years I'll probably look at it all again with the same facial expression as I had today. I felt almost like I was looking at baby pictures of my daughter. 

Oh, and here's some Skyrim fanart I doodled the other day. Seldom save doodles nowadays ;)

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