Sunday, October 25, 2015

Feeling relieved

Maybe this is not what it's all about - NaNoWriMo, that is - but I've decided to work with my research during November. For the time being, everything is chaos. I have some of the work written in really old Office documents, post-its and scribbles in journals, other things are found in Google docs. Some of it have been moved to Scrivener but are in such a complete mess that I can't find it.

So, a while back I was talking about making a wiki for the story, making it easier to find the information when I'm working. I realized that most of the features I needed in a wiki is actually found within Scrivener, so I can get what I want without adding new programs.

So, yeah. This is probably a little like cheating; I won't start anything new and I won't be writing a first draft. I still have to add a whole lot of information to make the threads between places, characters and timelines work, and there's a whole lot of information that have been lost on the way and has to be rewritten. I haven't taken the time to do this earlier because... well, it's boring, really. Pretty much like cleaning. It's much more fun to write, but a structure would make that part much easier.

So, hopefully I have some of the maps ready at the end of November. I have said for years that I should make maps of the cities and their suroundings, make sure the world map is up to date and so on. Make sure I have all the information on all the places ready and make sure I haven't used different sources in the novel itself. I doubt that last part, but I'll have to take a look at it anywway.

I also want to make a timeline of the world history, which at the moment doesn't exist. stuff happened, but when?

And all those illustrations lying around... They should really be scanned and placed where they are easier to find. Like in the character sheets for example.

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