Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Video Game Challenge!

Firstly, I'd like to say I'm sorry for not writing in a long while. I've been busy with work, being a parent, and recently reading lots of books (and some light video gaming). My summer holidays started a week ago and I've been delving into all those books I've wanted to read since Christmas.

And as I finished that last book and still was hungry for more, I started searching the web for anything, really. I found something quite interesting; fanfiction based on video games.

This made me think. What game have I played recently? Well, Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, of course. I bought the legendary edition a while back.

I played Skyrim a few years ago, finished the main quest line and all the guild quests and was bored when I reached level 80 and couldn't level any further for the perks.

So, I started a new campaign, completely new character build.
...Or, not entirely. I have played female Dunmers since the dawn of ages in these series, so of course I still play a female Dunmer, but last time I went for a battle mage through and through. This time I went for a thief. Different perks, and in my oppinion much more fun to play.

OK, so to the challenge.

Chose any videogame you like, I guess RPG's are to prefer though. Write a short snippet about your character, and make sure to stay true to the way you've played it so far.

My example is, as mentioned before, based on my Dunmer from Skyrim. I tried to build the character for this snippet based on the skills and the perks I've practiced this far.

Her name is Savesea Salobar, names snatched from the Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind. She's a skilled marksman (level 90), great at sneaking and mixing potions, besides that I've worked on her light armour- and speech skills. Oh, and she's also a werewolf. For a thief though, she sucks at all kinds of stealing this far.

Here we go!

“I’m a Dunmer, you thought repellant little alit”, Savesea scoffed with one of her eyebrows raised, “where, in that small brain of yours, can you find me a reason to join the stormcloaks?”
Not the best way to answer a question on such a touchy subject.
Especially not when in Windhelm, the city where Stormcloaks seemed to pop up faster than mushrooms in a cave.
And as usual, her big mouth ended her up in yet another brawl with yet another man who thought she’d be an easy target.
“Damn it”, she murmured as she rather hastily decided to leave Candlehearth Hall, the man she’d fought still panting on the floor. She left with sore knuckles and blushing cheeks indeed, but from the sound of that slowly growing mob behind her, there wasn’t much hope of keeping neither knuckles nor cheeks if she stayed. Maybe she should have listened to the angry woman at the counter and gone for the Gray Quarters instead. Even if that's where the rest of her kind stayed, she didn't like that slum.
This mob though. And that full moon. Awesome, just awesome.
Maybe it was better to leave Windhelm all together.
Her blood was boiling of suppressed rage and she could feel the beast trying to escape through her chest, nails trying to turn into claws. It was painful, and she had to regain her cool. The weather outside was cold enough to help.
She pulled her hood up, took a deep breath, opened the door and walked out into the blistering snow. Was the weather always this welcoming in this part of Skyrim? Hold that thought. Was the weather ever welcoming at all in Skyrim?
“With that big mouth of yours, Savesea, you’re the real alit”, she kept scolding herself, muttering all the way down the stairs, clenching her fists. Without even noticing it herself, she harvested some snowberries from a bush as she passed. Still muttering, concentrating only on her heartbeat as she forced it back down to a slower phase, she kept on walking directly towards the huge gates just a stonesthrow away from the inn. Irritating really; she’d already paid for the room and yet not even had a glance at it.
A guard opened the gate for her and she walked by him without even giving him a slight nod as a response. Breathe in, breathe out. Think happy thoughts. Gold. Yes, gold was nice. Swiming in a sea of septims and diamonds, rolling naked over a bed covered with jewels. Yes. Much better.
Though, it was painful to her core that she’d spent some of those septims on a bed that she wouldn’t use. The thought of that empty bed made her mutter a whole sentence of ill repute words, but the beast was back in it’s leash. Admittedly pulling the chains, barking and snarling.
“Excuse me?”
A man’s voice pulled Savesea back from her thoughts.
“I’m sorry, what?” she answered, put on a quick smile to hide her confusion. A guard. Of course. She’d just left Windhelm, of course there’d be a guard. Why was she so surprised?
“Did you just call me a s’wit from a fetcher’s ass?” he asked, which made her stop in her steps, one foot mid air and spin around looking directly at him.
Keep your cool. Don’t feed the beast with anger. Feed her something nice. Like sweet rolls.
Only picturing the beast licking the frosting off a sweet roll was enough to make her smile.
“A s’wit from a fetcher’s ass?” Oh, she might just have said that, she wasn’t sure. “Of course not.”
“I’m quite sure you did”, the guard replied.
Savesea gasped and covered her mouth behind a gloved hand. “Oh, dear, I’m sorry, you weren’t supposed to hear that. I must have thought out loud.”
“Would that make any difference?” the guard asked, now with a harsher tone. 
Those helmets, they were really irritating, how could one interact with a person whose facial expressions were so hard to decipher? She could smell anger on him, a bit of sweat. She would never recognise this man again if she only saw him. That smell though. Maybe he wasn't familiar with baths.
She would have to talk herself out of this one, and since it really hadn’t turned out to be her lucky day this far, she wasn’t sure feeding the beast with even more sweet rolls would make the difference. Maybe the beast would become morbidly obese and not have the strength to keep pulling those chains?
Rhymes. What could she have said that was a bit better than… that? Her brain tried to rummage through words that could form a less offensive sentence while her heart started to beat faster.
Sweet rolls. Gold. Diamonds. By Azura, I’ll give you a rabbit haunch if you just behave.
The beast backed down, wagging it’s tail.
This might actually work!
Savesea took a deep breath and moved slowly towards the guard. Being dressed in leather armour wasn’t working in her direction even though it was new and of superior quality. Flutterling eyelashes, a mischievous smile, biting her bottom lip usually did the trick, but a plunging neckline would have been better still.
Another step, a sigh as she entered his personal space. She could smell it on him; this was as close as he’d let her come. 
For now, at least.
“This is really embarrassing, I don’t want you to think less of me for this.” Savesea said and inched just a little bit closer. Reaching for his arm, desperately working her mind to find the right words while bowing her head just slightly to be able to give the man a gaze through her eyelashes. “You see…” she hesitated for a second then smiled even wider. This time her smile was honest though: she suddenly know what to say.
“The thing is, as I passed through the gate I couldn’t help but having a glance at your… behind”, Savesea whispered and lowered her glance in faked embarrassment. “What I said was ‘that’s fit, what a fetching ass’ - oh, my, this is really awkward.”
If she’d been able to blush on cue her act would have been even better, but it would probably not had made any difference. With a skin as dark as hers the poor guard would not have noticed it anyway.
At first they just stood there, both silent. Savesea looked up again, trying to figure out what the man was thinking. His shoulders fell down and back, from defensive to proud. The smell of anger ran away with a couple of fast heartbeats.
“Huh”, he said, almost laughed. “Thanks, I guess.”
Savesea sighed from relief, gave him a quick wink and left. She could sense his eyes following her down the path towards the stables.

If you'd like to try this challenge, please send me a link! 
I'd love to read what you've come up with!