Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An interview with a character #2

Yay! I'm doing another sequel!
Today I was thinking of doing an interview with Fur, since he's already been introduced! And as I've said before - the crazy names are there because I write fantasy.

I felt like going for a different kind of interview this time, more like me asking questions to the actual character. It will be a bit difficult for me to do this in english, but I'll make a try :D

It's still raining outside and people rush by out in the streets under black umbrellas. I've been here for about an hour already and the afternoon is turning into dusk. I was recommended to go to Bovarý's, and now I'm here. I guess it's a rather fancy restaurant, I had to queue for months to get a table, and I must say the menu looks interesting. Nerthal isn't famous for it's restaurants, but I think I've heard of Bovarý's before. Despite the interesting food, I've only had coffee. The empty mug is standing there infront of me, and the lipstick marks are a sign obvious enough that I'm nervous. I only wear make up when I'm nervous.
The door opens, I can hear the rain fall like sand to the ground outside. I look up, of course I do, even though I doubt it's him. I'm pleasantly surprised, smile and rise up from my seat. I wave at him, he sees me and starts walking towards my table. Fur stops in the middle of a step, turns around and walks back to the door while taking off his coat. I notice he's very petite. I wasn't expecting that, not from the pictures I've seen of him. He looks even shorter when he takes off his hat and hangs it with the soaked coat by the door.
"Have you tried the scallops?" he says, as he sits down in the chair on the other side of the table. "You should try the scalops, madam. They are delicious."
No, I haven't tried the scallops, but they sounded tasty in the menu.
Fur reaches over the table and grabs a piece of bread. I notice that the shirt, which in a distance looks expensive, is worn but clean; the cuffs are but threads. "Well, here I am. You didn't ask me to come here just to discuss the food", Fur says and leans backwards in the chair.
No, that's right. Hello, Fur, I'm glad to finally get the time to sit down and have a chat with you. We've known each other for a long time, but this is actually the first time we talk face to face.

"I'd say that the feeling is mutual, if I knew for certain that this would be a pleasant meeting, madam." Fur give me a simple smile and stretch his legs on the side of the table, crosses them with a sigh. The backrest of his chair moans.

Oh, don't be harsh. I'm not that bad.

"That, my dear, is a matter of perspective." He breaks off a piece of bred and puts it in his mouth.

Well, this time you are free to leave whenever you like, and if you don't want to answer a question you don't have to. Easy as that.

"And for some reason I'm still doubting", he murmurs while chewing on the bread. "On the other hand there's only one thing you can trust in life and that's death. Shall we?"

I just need your full name first.

"Fursas Aderin Nidell. You obviously need another cup of coffee, shall I order one for you?" Fur makes a sign with his hand towards my empty mug.

No, thanks, I'm good. OK, so where do you live?

Fur swallows the bread and scuffs. "We are in Nerthal, madam, are we not?"
I feel that he's not very cooperative, and for some reason I believe he's angry with me. This makes me even more nervous. My mouth is dry and I reach for the lipstick in my jean pocket. I know we're in Nerthal, but you might want to be a bit more specific. Excuse me. I try to put on the lipstick as discretely as possible.
Fur looks at me. Not just look, his eyes are piercing. If it's because of the pale blue colour or the way he looks at me I don't know, but it makes him look either cold or calculating. "Nice pants, madam. Didn't know you were a miner. Your nails looks so well maintained."
Fur laughs a little. "Never mind. Until recently I rented a nice house on Truscullus Boulevard here in Nerthal. It's not that far from here. For the moment I'm staying with some ...friends."

I notice the pause, but I really don't dare to take that turn right now. Tell me a little about yourself.

"You already know everything there is, madam." Somewhat frustrated he grabs another piece of bread and take a quick glance through the room. "As you stated earlier; we've known eachother for a long time. Seventeen years, isn't it?"

Yes, but this is an interview. I'm asking you questions, you answer them - or don't, it's all up to you really. My Lord, has it been so long? It has!

Fur crosses his arms and stares down at the table. "There isn't that much to tell really. I was born in Nerthal, grew up in Nerthal and by dung of the demons, I intend to die here too."

Of course there is, you have an interesting life. Tell us about your mother, for instance. How was it to grow up in the theatre?
Fur looks up. He's still smiling, but a muscle by the jaw is twitching. "You think your readers would find something as trivial as that interesting? I doubt that." His left hand moves up to his ear and catches a bang of hair that has fallen out of the pony tail. It's wet and looks darker than usual as he twists it around his index finger. "My mother was a ballet dancer. I grew up behind the scenes. Frankly, I don't remember that much about her, it was a long time ago."
Over to something completely different. You've been doing some travelling lately. Would you tell us a little about that?

The jaw muscle is still twitching and the fingers are working faster in the strand of hair. "Yes, I was abroad for a couple of months", Fur answers calmly. "I went to Sakrinand in business. It was hot and dry, sand everywhere. Even the prison cells in Sakrinand are hot and dry." A quiet gasp slips out of his mouth and a pause that were a second to long to not make me notice it before he makes a minor edit of the sentence: "I'd imagine."

By that you're saying you don't wish to return?

"Return?" Fur looks at me as if I'm being either strupid or joking. "No, I have no such plans."

So, Fur. What do you do for a living? Boring safe questions, better stick to that.

"I'm an engineer. I build things." Fur sighs and looks over his shoulder. The tip of his left foot is starting to tap to an unheard beat.

Yes, engineers usually do that. Could you be a bit more precise?

"I used to work for Docener's Mechanical Engineering, refining the new engine for their vehicles. I patented the springs they use."

So, what is your plans for the future?

Fur laughs out loud. "Have you read your latest excerpt? You know I really don't have much to hope for, why would I plan ahead?"
Don't worry, Fur, I'm doing this interview, because you're a main character in the sequel.
"You're writing a sequel? Why can't you just be done with this? Have you no heart, woman?" Fur's voice is calm, but the words blurb out of his mouth with the charp edges first.

Ehem. Moving along. How would you like your life to be?

"Is this a trick question?"

No, I'm asking out of curiosity.

"You know this too, don't you?" Fur crosses his arms again and leans forward with a smile, but for some reason that smile makes me even more nervous. I feel like a mouse in a trap with the cat staring at me.

I sure do, but we're not doing this for me.

After a silent second that seems to keep on forever, he sighs. "I'd love to be able to just start a day with a blank sheet. No plans. You know what I mean? Enjoy some good food, read some interesting books. The probem with time is that it's too expensive. You need to gather so much money to become wealthy before you really can enjoy time. The problem is, money gathering is consuming time too, so all the things I have to do costs more than it's worth. Oh, I'd also like to have my house keeper back. And since I've told you this I'm not getting there soon, am I?"

Spot on, my boy. Spot on.

Fur shakes his hed and laughs. "I'd like to tell you what I think of you right now, but there's no words for it."

And I guess that should make me happy, and therefore we're returning to the questions. You're still a bachelor, even though you've passed thirty. Is there a certain someone out there?

And that's when he can't keep his face anymore. Fur rises up from the chair. "I wish to end this conversation now. Good evening, madam." A quick bow and he leaves; the still wet coat hanging over his arm and the hat back on the head.

Oh, and by the way: the pictures are made by me. I used DAZ to pose and render Fur on a chess patterned floor together whith some props. I've painted hair, beard and some other stuff on my own in Photoshop, mainly because I love the postwork. These two pictures are made for a chess theme over at deviantArt. Themes are great if you're out of ideas and still want to practice how to make pictures.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Utveckla nya kunskaper

För en tid sedan berättade jag ju att jag höll på att lära mig hur 3D fungerar. Man kan ju tycka att program som Poser och DAZ Studio inte är att jobba med 3D fullt ut, men man lär sig massor:

  • Ljussättning - precis som med fotografering finns det olika sätt att ljussätta en scen. Det handlar om att plocka fram den effekt man vill ha. Skillnaden med "fotografering" av tredimensionella figurer är att de inte protesterar medan du testar olika ljussättningar, flyttar runt kameran för att framhäva vackra skuggor och annat.
  • Fotografering - måste ju vara nästa sak man lär sig mer om, eftersom det är just det du gör. Att ställa in djupet på fokus gör lika stor skillnad som ljuset i bilden, det är ganska häftigt att testa sig fram även där.
  • Teckning - efter att ha fördjupat sig så mycket på skuggor och ljus, blir man ganska skicklig på att teckna det också.
  • Fotoredigering - Det blir plötsligt väldigt kul att jobba med bilderna efteråt för att ytterligare framhäva vackra skuggor.
  • Digitalt tecknande - som en följd av ovanstående. När man väl börjar redigera bilden, fortsätter man med att lägga till och ändra saker.

Så kommer man till det där stadiet då man anser att all den programvara som finns tillgänglig inte är precis det man letar efter - naturligtvis för att man är så insnöad i sin fiktiva värld att det enda man försöker återberätta är olika scener ur just den världen. Det betyder att du plötsligt måste börja tillverka egna saker för att kunna återge exakt det du vill återge.
I mitt fall:
"Det här går inte, han ser inte ut så här. Han ska ha en tatuering i pannan och en helt annan form på ögonbrynen, till exempel."
Vad gör man då? Jo, man lär sig att måla nya skins. Helt plötsligt gör man det till allt - nya färger och texturer på allt mellan himmel och jord, man går ut och fotograferar - närbilder på bark och sprickor i betong - bara för att använda texturen på någonting helt annat. De små detaljerna i världen blir så viktiga och vackra att man har med sig kameran överallt.
Det kan tyckas att saker och ting tar onödigt lång tid när man bestämmer sig för att gå in på djupet i någonting så långt ifrån skrivandet, men jag har haft väldigt mycket nytta av det. Har jag svårt att skriva om någonting, går det bra mycket snabbare att bygga upp en scen tredimensionellt i datorn än vad det gör att först teckna mina karaktärer för 512:e gången och sedan peta in dem i miljön jag försöker beskriva. Förarbetet tar sin lilla tid, men sedan går det väldigt fort.